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How We Scaled This Health and Wellness Niche eCommerce Client From $274,609 to $641,520 in Monthly Revenue Within 1 Month of Working


Going From $158,904 to $570,922 in Monthly Revenue Within the First Month of Working

Gone above & beyond our client’s expectations and managed to generate a $570,922 revenue with a 5.71x ROI in our first month.

How we scaled this brand from $83k/month to $253k/month using Facebook Ads

In 3 months We scaled to stable 6-figures in monthly revenue from$83k/month to $253k/month at a 305% growth rate while maintaining a 5.21x ROAS from Facebook Ads.

Scaled the brand to a A$341,207 monthly gross profit.

Going from A$268,460 to A$1,081,950 in Revenue Within the First 3 Months

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